Rural Route Contributor Guidelines 2021

Rural Route magazine explores the ongoing story of our community. Established in 2009, it focuses on the things we all love, namely, the people in our community and the things that are important to them. We seek to bring our neighborhoods together by building connections and creating a sense of belonging. To do so, we search out the positive and deeply meaningful stories that reflect the spirit and generosity of our community, alongside do-it-yourself projects, expert insights, and other topics of local interest.

We accept submissions of stories and photographs from anyone in or closely connected to our readership area. We aim to cover a broad cross-section of stories by a variety of writers that would interest our rural population. We appreciate every submission and read every story, but we cannot guarantee publication of all submissions.

Send articles, photographs, letters, and story ideas for consideration by e-mail to

Things you need to know

Theme – Each story must follow the theme of that issue
Word Count – Maximum 500 words, occasionally a well-written 1,000-word article is
published if space permits
Photos – Send photos as separate files, include photo credit and caption
Deadline – 20th of the month 2 ½ months before the month of publication
(e.g. Jan. 20 for March/April issue)

Sections to Consider

Recipe of the Month: send us your favourite family recipe along with a photo
Photo of the Month: send us a photo and caption of something unique along your rural route or something that captures ordinary life from a different perspective
Business: local business trends and business news stories
Creative spotlight: spotlight on local creativity including books, art, craftsmanship
Do It Yourself: do it yourself tips and tricks from a local expert in that field
Expert Advice: insight on a specific issue from a local expert in that field
Memory Lane: personal stories and memories
Profile: a noteworthy person, accompanied by a strong, compelling image
Other possibilities: Community, Fiction, Environment, Humour, Arts, Explore, Educate, etc.


If you have any further questions, contact the editor at: | 519-510-5550 | 4082 Perth Line, Millbank, ON N0K 1L0

Rural Route Themes 2021

Passion, precision, persistence. The artisans’ story is everywhere in this community. In this issue, join local artisans on their journey as each project takes them one step closer to a new level of mastery.

Brick by Brick
Historic whimsy meets updated practicality. In this issue of historic local architecture, explore houses, barns, and commercial buildings that have been maintained and repurposed for practical use while retaining their original charm.

Discover Local
Explore local places you haven’t discovered yet—both real and make-believe. This issue brings adventure and imagination to your backyard with local places to explore and the “The Grandest Adventure” kids’ writing contest.

Pushing the Limits
Fitness can be tough yet exhilarating, disciplined yet freeing. In this issue we taste the sweat and feel the pain alongside athletes challenging their limits and non-athletes trying new sports and fitness endeavors. Be prepared to be inspired and learn how to push a few of your own limits.

A Tradition of Taste
The smell of fresh apples baking and summer sausage smoking have welcomed fall to the area for many years. This issue gets messy as we join local food makers in preparing some of our most prized traditional local foods.

Trip of a Lifetime
Why do we travel? The reasons are as diverse as the travellers themselves. In this issue we tag along in the backpacks of local travelers to see the world through their eyes as they pursue their bucket lists.