Rural Route Contributor Guidelines 2023

Rural Route magazine explores the ongoing story of our community. Established in 2009, it focuses on the things we all love, namely, the people in our community and the things that are important to them. We seek to bring our neighborhoods together by building connections and creating a sense of belonging. To do so, we search out the positive and deeply meaningful stories that reflect the spirit and generosity of our community, alongside do-it-yourself projects, expert insights, and other topics of local interest.

We accept story and photo submissions from anyone in, around, or closely connected to our readership area. We aim to cover a broad cross-section of stories by a variety of writers that interest our rural population. We appreciate every submission and read every story, but we cannot guarantee publication of all submissions.

Send articles, photographs, letters, and story ideas for consideration by e-mail to

Things you need to know

Theme – Each story must follow the theme of that issue (See themes below)
Word Count – Maximum 500 words, occasionally a well-written 1,000-word article is
published if space permits
Photos – Send photos as separate files, include photo credit and caption
Deadline – 20th of the month 2 ½ months before the month of publication
(e.g. Jan. 20 for March/April issue)


Questions? Contact Jennifer at | 519-510-5550 | 4082 Perth Line, Millbank, ON N0K 1L0

Rural Route Themes 2023

It’s for the Birds – January/February

Birders are a breed of people who do extraordinary things to become more connected to the ordinary. This issue zooms in and focuses on some of our local birds and bird enthusiasts, while also offering birding tips for the casual
Deadline: December 20

What’s on the Other Side of the Door? – March/April

Open doors you never dreamed of. This year’s writing contest takes us behind closed doors filled with secrets, mysteries, and boring everyday
Deadline: January 20

Writing Contest – May/June

There are many international workers living in our community, while locals travel abroad for work. What inspires these cross-continental work-related moves? This issue connects with the lives and aspirations of those who leave their homes, and sometimes families, to work abroad, sometimes doing jobs no one else wants to do.
Deadline: February 20
Roadside StandsJuly/August

It’s impossible to drive far in this community without passing—or stopping—by a roadside stand filled with seasonal flowers and vegetables. This issue introduces us to the faces behind the quiet stands, faces as unique and varied as the stands themselves.
Deadline: April 20

Fundraisers & Events September/October

The streets, parks, arenas, and other public and private spaces came alive as festivals and events revived this year. This issue looks at the heartbeat of the community that surrounds and exists through these events.
Deadline: June 20

Letters in the MailNovember/December

The effort and thought put into handwritten cards and letters create a special personal connection, whether it’s for friends, lovers, or strangers. In this issue, we embrace the relationships that have thrived through the postal service and the people who make it possible.
Deadline: August 20